Flood Action Guides

Flood Action & Recover Guides

Flood Wessex together with their partners, Somerset Council and the Environment Agency have been working closely together to respond to flooding when it occurs, and to support communities to recover.

As climate change makes wetter winters and extreme weather events more likely, community resilience is more important than ever with the Agencies supporting communities to be as prepared as they can be for flooding.

Below is a flood action guide with preparedness information, and a recovery guide for those recently affected by flooding

Flood Action Guide

Flood Recover Guide

Reporting Flooding

Reporting of flooding is crucial for incident response and also for long term planning of flood risk reduction measures. If your community has been impacted by flooding but it has not been reported, then the relevant authorities may not be aware of what has occurred.

  • The portal for non-emergency reporting is the Flood Online Reporting Tool: FORT - Home (geowessex.com). This information is shared with risk management authorities to ensure it goes to the correct organisation.

In an emergency, if there is a risk to life, report flooding to 999.

  • For main rivers: Environment Agency incident hotline (24hr) 0800 80 70 60
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