Community grants from the Clark Foundation

The Clark Foundation is an independent charity that was set up in 1959 to provide grants to support community projects mainly in education, health, leisure, recreation and wellbeing in the communities where Clarks employees, pensioners and their families live and work.

Last year, the Foundation awarded almost £300k in grants to community groups for village hall refurbishments, arts projects, youth work, sports facilities, nature reserves, play equipment, open spaces and health initiatives.

Small grants (£1,000 and under) are awarded throughout the year. You can apply at any time and we can usually make a decision and get a payment out to you within just a couple of weeks. Grants for over £1,000 are awarded for larger projects, usually in places where there are, or used to be, significant numbers of Clarks staff working in one place. This includes former factory sites throughout the West Country, as well as Street itself and the surrounding villages. The majority of our funding goes towards capital projects or equipment and occasionally we support organisation start-ups. We give to charities or community groups with charitable purposes. We regret that we are unable to fund individuals, trips, projects for which statutory bodies have responsibility and ongoing running costs.

Applications are considered by a grants committee that meets in March, June, September and December each year.

We also have a separate fund that assists Clarks employees or pensioners experiencing particular hardship or need.

These grants are usually given for mobility aids, adaptations that enable people to stay in their own homes and other practical assistance. We regret that we are unable to fund private health care. For further information about these grants, please contact us.

Running the Trusts

The trusts are looked after by Trust Administrator, Mel Park and Trust Manager, Susie Mercer.  They are based in Street and work part time, usually on Thursdays and Fridays.  So, if you have a need that the Foundation might be able to help with or would like an application form, do please get in touch.


T: 01458 842553

The Clark Foundation ~ registered charity – 1179639

Posted by Tracey on August 8th 2021

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