A bit of background ...

The village hall is situated on the right hand side of Croft Meadow just after the church, with a car park opposite. It has recently had the outside re-rendered and inside new lighting, heating and sound absorbent material added. The inside was re-decorated using local volunteers.

There’s been a Village Hall, or at least moot place, in the village since the early part of the twentieth century, and over the years it’s grown in size, structure and ambition to it’s present day standing. Read a brief potted history of the Hall here - a lovely little document that gives some insight into the evolution of this important building.

Today the Village Hall still fulfils a vital role in bringing the community together and allowing people to take part in a range of activities, without which village life would be sadly and significantly poorer.

Check out which groups meet and use the Hall through the navigation links above; you’ll see that a great range of activities is supported. Broadly, the Hall is used by

  • ‘not for profit’ interest groups such as The Gardening Club
  • small-scale private enterprises offering things like exercise classes
  • private hire for things like weddings or parties
  • Sampford Brett Activities Group (SBAG) events, most notably the "Pop Up Pub"!
  • Meetings
  • Church, Harvest Supper and Flower shows

The Hall is managed by a Village Hall Management Committee (VHMC) which meets throughout the year to ensure that the Hall is run and maintained according to an agreed constitution. The VHMC is a registered charity (No. 268277). You can find the current committee members here. You can find meeting Agenda and Minutes (including the Annual General Meeting) here.

You can enquire about hiring the Hall through the navigation link above or here.

The VHMC has a Premises License which allows it to sell alcohol through it’s management committee; this facility is used exclusively by SBAG as part of it’s fund-raising programme for local causes which ensures there are no detrimental effects on the hall environs from the sale of alcohol. See the SBAG pages for details of their “Pop Up Pub” events.

In 2017, the VHMC sounded out the community at an open meeting to determine people’s thoughts about the future of the Village Hall. After all, many things have changed in village life and broader society over the years, and these days people are busier, more sophisticated and perhaps more focussed. They have greater mobility and have higher expectations - significantly perhaps within a largely older population. Meanwhile, the Village Hall has largely retained it’s original look, feel and facilities, so against this heightened expectation it is little wonder that a range of views about it's future have emerged.

In response to this, the VHMC directed a group of volunteers to formalise and direct a review of the Village Hall in today’s context, and this is how The Acorn Group came about. It’s the start of something exciting and it would be really good if you could get involved.

Meantime, though, it’s Business As Usual at the Village Hall and you can rest assured that it will continue to act as a strong hub for our community!

Sampford Brett Village Hall uses personal data for the purposes of managing the hall, its bookings and finances, running and marketing events at the hall, staff employment and fundraising activities. Data may be retained for up to 7 years for accounts purposes and for longer where required by the hall’s insurers. If you would like to find out more about how we use your personal data or want to see a copy of information about you that we hold, please contact the hall Secretary

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